Works In Progress





The Things We Feel and the Ways We Feel Them

A small booklet about the senses. A joint production with a range of submissions from neuroscientists, techies, designers, artists, illustrators, experience designers and more.  We explore the ways we understand the world around us and different ways of expressing this understanding. 


iPortunus x COMA at STPLN

iPortunus is a new Creative Europe  funding scheme which gives the possibility for artists and cultural professionals to develop their artistic in another Creative Europe country and receive a fixed amount to cover travel, accommodation, etc.

We welcome artists and creative professionals to a tailored residency program at COMA.  The period of the stay must be at least 15 days and can extend up to a maximum of 85 days.  

Successful candidates will receive full access to the workshops at STPLN and have the possibility to reach a wide network of creative professionals in the south of Sweden.

You can find the list of requirements to apply for iPortunus here.

Application deadline: JUNE 26

Email joshua@stpln.se if you are interested in applying.