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Sophia Ioannou Gjerding is an artist currently living in Aarhus, Denmark. Her artistic practice involves installation, film, animation, sculpture, sound and text. Through these mediums, she strives to understand contemporary cultural image production and how recent imaging technology creates new visual perspectives and spatial dimensions. At COMA, she will be working with sound, video and 3D-print. She will be using photogrammetry--a method that makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional information from photographs. Working with this method, she will use representations of lions, mainly pictures of sculptures found on the internet (for instance a lion statue previously found in Palmyra called Lion of Al-lāt), and try to recreate three dimensional sculptures from these representations.

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Emelie Carlén (Copenhagen) mainly works with an investigation of how modes of representation come to affect experience and identity. Her installations, largely consisting of sculptures and mixed media, has had its central core in examining desi­res and its relation to objects and experiences, cultural structures and behaviors. For her residency at COMA she will further explore the tactile matter in material and the experience of a sculpture through different senses.



Anne Naukkarinen is a Helsinki-based artist working in the fields of dance, performance and visual arts. Her performances often consider the kinaesthetic empathy and the silent knowledge which is there to be sensed and somehow becoming but not ready to grasp with words. At COMA, she will examine the poetics and politics of the mouth and voice. This will culminate in a workshop for 8/10 people and a final performance.