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Stimuli: Visual Culture

#6 Visual Culture: Transform sensory inputs into visual products. The dominance of visual culture has a tendency to undermine the other senses. By re-evaluating how we subconsciously see what we see, we can begin to re-calibrate the roles of the other senses in our everyday sensorial experience of life.

Stimuli is a six part sensory meditation series investigating the connections between the different senses and our experience of the world around us. Each session focuses on a different sense and combines a theoretical overview of the latest relevant findings in the field of psychology and a series of curated exercises designed to deepen the experience and perception of that particular sense.

This series is conducted by Karina Minda, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist licensed by the Romanian College of Psychologists. Psychology has been a part of her life for more than 8 years and since 2013 she has especially focused on Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Stimuli is a part of COMA Presents: a six month program exploring sensorial experiences through events of different formats. Find out more at

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