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I Heard a Moth Flap at the End of the Track

To mark the end of her residency at STPLN, Sophia Ioannou Gjerding will present the installation "I heard a moth flap at the end of a track". The installation is a multi-sensoric collection of sculptures, soundscapes and film material, based on such diverse elements as the study of moths in an archive in Lund, as well as the digital reconstruction of lion statues. During her research, Gjerding has worked with the invisible, unhearable and untouchable through various techniques such as 3D printing, animation, sound and photogrammetry, aiming to investigate the status of representation as well as contemporary image regimes.

The Center Of Multisensory Art (COMA) is a space dedicated to the exploration and experimentation of the forgotten senses. Breaking away from visual culture, it is an opportunity to redefine the things we feel and the way we feel them.

In between October 2018 and April 2019, three artists from the Baltics and Nordics are invited to develop concepts based around these notions for two months each. Selected artists will live in Malmö, Sweden and have a workspace at STPLN : a shared creative workshop, studio and makerspace.

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