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Art as a Multisensory Experience


The Center of Multisensory Art (COMA) is a phygital (physical meets digital) space dedicated to the exploration of the senses and multisensory experiences. COMA runs an artist-in-residence program at STPLN, releases independent publications in different mediums and organises events on the senses with an interdisciplinary approach blending art, science and technology.


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Nordic Baltic Mobility Programme and The Nordic Baltic Council of Ministers funding of the first edition of the artist in residency program 2018/2019 / OhBoy Hotell accommodation partner for the artist in residence program 2018/2019 / STPLN facilitating organisation / Artist-in-Residence Jury Members Zeenath Hasan, Caroline B. Le Bongoat, Elinor Samuelson, Ulrika Forsgren Hogman, Jenny Järvå, Niels Christian Nilsson, Jenny Lee / “Previous Artists” portrait illustrations by Rodrigo Gomez-Soto / Publication layout Maximilian Bauer / Photography Hannah Hempel, Cristina Baro-Miro /